What is fetamb?

fetamb is a multi-disciplinary creative workshop. Our shop reflects our personality in a neutral but sensitive environment. Our corporative image and name (fetamb means “made with” in catalan) refers to our team: made with love, made with the family, made with illusion, made with sensitiveness and originality, made with you…


The crafty teacher

Sefa sews, knits and embroiders almost since she was born. With her, you will learn to do what you like the most: sewing, knitting, embroidery… so easy and simple. She’s a big professional, all the pieces that you can see in our website prove it. Her students say that she ROCKS.


The creative mind

Graduate’s degree in Interior design, specialized in recycling. Keen, passionate, practical, sensible and sensitive… She can help you personalize your home, créate with your hands, promote your business, show your image in a fair, prepare an special event…